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Startups and IT

Compatible or a contradiction?...

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IT for Mergers & Acquisitions

Integrated systems during times of changes...

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Digitalisation and industry could be the keys to the world's next big techno-economic miracle. Get your business ready for complex, real-time automation...

Integration architecture

Integration architecture

Integration: when IT systems work together to reduce cost and improve quality...

International Payments Transactions

International Payments Transactions

Implementing electronic and non-electronic cross-border payment systems...

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Specific-Group: Your Software Outsourcing Partner

Specific-Group was founded in 1998 as a sole proprietorship in Vienna, Austria. The principal business areas of Specific-Group are: custom software development, strategic skills management, project business, and the creation of products and services. Our IT solutions are based on many years of experience working in the software field of many business sectors, but especially in the financial services sector.

Specific-Group currently employs more than 200 consultants, project managers, software developers, business analysts, testers, and UI/UX designers at seven locations in five countries.

Specific-Group remains owner-operated and runs consulting companies in Austria (Vienna/Wolfurt), Germany (Munich and Langenfeld near Düsseldorf), Slovakia (Bratislava), and the USA (Miami); and development centres in Belarus (Minsk/Grodno). 
Specific-Group long-term success is due in part to its proprietary methodology: the entire company delivers its IT projects aligned with a tried-and-true procedural model that comprises a development phase (CCAD – Customer Centric Agile Development by Specific-Group) and a customer transitional phase (Production Management by Specific-Group). According to this model, the steps needed for each individual phase are derived from overall project goals.

Specific-Group — When it comes to software services, we know how.

Real Customer. Real Stories.

Your success is important to us. Review our success stories and learn how other companies have used solutions, products and skills from Specific-Group to drive innovation and meet their goals:

Case Study

Payment Transaction Platform for Large Customers

Multinational companies need a unified interface for easy handling of their payments.

Case Study

Application of Retail Trade Assessment

Introduction of a modernized rating system for its private and micro-customers in nine countries.

Case Study

Solution: Integration of an Insurance Broker Platform

A series of detailed solutions drove success through: better processes for online policies, risk analysis and rate comparisons.

Case Study

Platform for Enforcing Passenger Claims

Millions of flight data points had to be converted in a secure and still quick way and meet the requirements of different user groups.

Specific-Group: Your international partner for software development